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Hey, I really love the tileset, If I use your tileset I'll let you know. :)

awesome tile set, great use of colours so dynamic. 

Beautiful tile set! I used it to build randomly generated maps for playing A Rasp Of Sand in a google spreadsheet with friends during the pandemic. Our maps are very pretty, thank you! :D

Hey, I really like the style you have and would love to use it for a game, but could you divide out the sprites and tileset? Im having a hard time getting the sprites away from the tiles. I use Construct 3 as a game making engine if that helps.

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Hi there, love this tileset. Working on a game for the Godot Wild Jam #24, and my game will be free (non-commercial) + open-source. Are you cool with these assets being uploaded to git repos for open-source projects? I can just ignore them if not (have not added them yet).

EDIT: Left the assets out just in case. Here is the game I made with your tileset: :) I also added a few animations using the tileset

Hi, I really like this tileset.  I'm currently using this in my LowRezJam DUNGx64

Does this come with characters and animations?

I especially ADORE this game! Even though it looks hard but still, the characters look so CUTE! Fireboy and Watergirl 2game on hudgames so good


Wow, you made this in only 7 days, that's amazing man!!

hey, just letting you know I used your tileset in LDJam! This is a great tileset. You should be proud.

I particularly like the colours

if we purchase the commercial license can we edit the tile set as we please. And if we purchase the commercial license do we have to give you credit?

Yes you are free to edit the set as you like. Purchase of the commercial license means you can release your game without giving me credit however it does not allow for sale or re-distribution  as an asset pack.

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thank you!

hey, really like this tileset, where are the character animations tho? the ones for attack and walking?

The set includes no character animations, sorry. I mostly included the character sprites for scale reference and so that users could have some placeholders included.

so can we use it for a game jam

Yes, and I would love it if you can post a link to your game when you finish.

Hey that is an awesome design!!

Thank you very much

these are beautiful is there a possibility for a 16x16 version? 

Thank you, I'm happy you like my tiles! I suppose there is a possibility of 16x16 but it is not likely any time soon.  I'm busy with other projects right now. If you like, follow my page and you should be notified of any new releases I put out.

nice pixel art



Thank you!

This is really great! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This is so good

Thanks. I'm happy people are enjoying it!